Are you making a profit/loss by trading on zebpay or any other trading platforms

Hey guys,

Recently, about 6 months back, I got a keen interest in bitcoin and other altcoins, so I started to look into the articles, videos available online related to the cryptocurrencies. Since I am living in India, I went with the most popular bitcoin trading platform, Zebpay.

Zebpay has got a good and friendly User Interface. It obviously allows us to “buy” and “sell” bitcoins, but it also allows us to “ask” and “bid” bitcoins too (I will be writing a separate post on this once I have enough data available with me).

I am a salaried person, so mostly at the start of the month I am keeping some INR available to me for buying some bitcoins [ you guys might be assuming buying bitcoins!!  wow.. he must be earning in lakhs. Actually the bitter truth is I am buying lakhs of Satoshi’s only 😉 ]

Well coming to the point, since I was buying and selling at different rates, it was becoming very hard to analyse whether I am making some profit or loss (No doubt Zebpay keeps up the history of your transactions but you can’t sit the whole day and look into it every-time you make a transaction, especially when the count goes above say 50-100)

So to ease up my calculations I created an excel sheet which is helping me to track my transactions locally. With this I am at a position wherein I can see if I should buy or sell  bitcoin at a particular price.

Note that the excel has simple formulae and so it is easy to understand. I will be attaching the excel file in this post. Please feel free to download and use. If you’ll have any difficulties regarding the same then please do leave a comment and I will try to reply as soon as I can.

Next I will explain what values you need to put in the excel, by looking at your Zebpay invoices.

Here is a screenshot of the excel file along with buy and sell invoices from Zebpay


zebpay calculator


bitcoin buy


bitcoin sell


So If you notice in the screenshot, you’ll have to only add values which are marked in violet color. Each row represents one transaction. Checkout the row in light blue color, that row represents a buy order corresponding to the buy order in the purchase invoice( note the blue highlighting done in the invoice). Similarly look at the row in yellow color, that row represents a sell order corresponding to the sell order in the sell invoice ( again note the blue highlighting done in the invoice).

So its that simple, you just need to put these values from your invoice into the excel sheet and voila. This will give you the analysis of your trading on Zebpay.

Hope you find this post very useful and please share this post, so that we can share something that we have learned, to others too.


Disclaimer – This post is for educational purpose only. It is not a review about Zebpay, rather it allows the individuals to make smarter choices in trading with bitcoin by analyzing their holdings. 


Here is the link to the excel file Zebpay calculator Google Spreadsheet

Note: If you need to save it locally, then once you click on the above link go to File -> Download as -> Microsoft Excel

Pranav Mhapsekar

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  1. Thanks Pranav, actually I was desperately looking for something very simple calculator like this. cheers mate..

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